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Tips on how to Care for your Racehorses In A Racing Horse Stable

Horse racing is a sport that is well known and liked by many people. People come for horse racing for different reasons apart from having fun and can even get involved in the betting activities to win the grand prize. There are stables specifically made for racehorses where they are maintained and attended to by concerned people who make sure that all the needs of the racehorses are met. There are four persons who are involved in the wellbeing of the racehorses in the stables. They are, the groom, stable hand, the vet and trainer.

The groom has a very important role when it comes to taking care of the racehorse. The grooms makes sure that the horse is in the right emotional state at all times and has the best appearance. As compared to any other personnel, the groom spends more time with the racehorse in the stables. He ensures that the horse is in the right physical state by performing regular checkups on the horse for any damage on the coat and hooves. The groom washes down the horse after a race and takes it out for exercise and cooling.

The wellbeing of a racehorse in the stables is usually the main job of the stablehand. The cleaning of the racehorse stables is taken care of by the stable hand ensuring that it always stay clean and tidy. The stable hand ensures that the horse are well fed, he mucks out the horse boxes and is ever present during the races. The stable hand builds a close bond with the racehorse and forms a special connection with the horse that would be essential at times since he spends a lot of time with the horses while carrying out his duties.

For a living creature to be of use, they must be healthy at all times. It is important that racehorses stay in the utmost state both physically, mentally and emotionally. The vet in a racing horse stable makes sure that the horse is always healthy and recommends feeds that would help to build the racehorse’s immunity so as to avoid contracting diseases regularly. He or She carries out regular checkups and takes care of any health condition raised by the groom.

It is necessary for the racehorses to be fit for all races at all times since that is why they are bred. For a racehorse to be in a perfect physical shape, it has to exercise regularly. It is the trainer that ensures that the horse is fit to participate in the races. The trainer must be well trained to know how to deal with horses.

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